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What Is A Vincentian?

For our Vincentians, it is not just an affiliation, but rather a calling that shapes our actions every moment of every day, without exception. Regardless of our professions, whether we are educators, parents, doctors, or students, having a Vincentian calling means that we recognize that all our abilities, talents, and material possessions are blessings from God.

Answering Our Neighbors In Need!

Vincentians operate through Conferences, which are assigned by parishes. Each of our Conferences cater to the needs of individuals in the community, which may include aiding with utility bills, offering housing support, providing clothing, or even offering prayer and companionship.

As Vincentians, we always strive to recognize the image of Christ in those who are destitute and provide love and support to those who are in need, both materially and spiritually. It is our duty to utilize these resources to alleviate the suffering of our fellow neighbors, both locally and globally.

Super Stars In Our Community

The Blessed Trinity conference has a trailblazer in Ethel Fazande. At 83, she is one of our council’s most involved members and spiritual leaders.

Ms. Ethel saw how a conference could help those in her community, and simply would not take no for an answer when it came to establishing a conference at her home Parish. She serves as spiritual advisor for the Blessed Trinity Conference/Helping Hands Ministry and lobbied for the founding of the conference when it served primarily as a Parish social ministry, decades ago.


Ms. Ethel is active in many groups, events and committees and she’s represented the Archdiocesan Council of New Orleans at numerous National Society events. In October 2022, she hosted a lunchtime rosary outside on the steps of her Broadmoor home, in which she opened to the public. “I’ve been helping people since I was a little girl,” she says. “I knew that’s what St. Vincent de Paul did for people, so I knew I wanted to be a part of this. I think I was destined to be a part of this organization.”

Our Vincentians are the heart and soul of St. Vincent de Paul. Elaine Castello is a member of Blessed Trinity Church and has been a Vincentian for 11 years.

Ms. Elaine is mother and grandmother, and was married to her husband for 58 years before he passed. Since retiring from the postal service, Ms. Elaine has dedicated her time to serving the community with SVdP. Ms. Elaine enjoys working in the office, answering client calls and counting donations. She is passionate about volunteering saying, “It blesses you, in a way, more than it blesses them. You might give them a little money, but they give you a little love.”


Ms. Elaine enjoys the fellowship that SVdP provides, getting to meet and connect with members of other churches throughout the greater New Orleans area. Thank you for your dedication and service, Ms. Elaine!

Ms. Ethal Fazande

Ms. Elaine Castello

Become a Vincentian Today!

Please fill out the information below and someone from your local Chapter will respond with information on how to become a Vincentian and answer any other questions you might have.

Thank you for reaching out!

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