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Join us as we celebrate our outstanding Vincentians!

The duties of a Vincentian often go beyond meetings and gatherings. Joey Roman of the

St. Rita of Cascia conference is ready whenever the call for help is heard. As the conference treasurer, he coordinates financial assistance with landlords and makes utility payments whenever necessary.

Joey is also the food pantry manager. Like the position of treasurer, running the food pantry requires time and dedication.  

This operation entails collaboration with fellow Vincentian leadership at neighboring St. Matthew parish and other entities such as the Knights of Columbus, area/parish schools and local grocers.  

"We have some regulars that we have gotten to know so well that if they don't come to pick up their food, because of a doctor's appointment or something, we will make special arrangements to deliver to them, so they don't go without food." he says.

In recent years, Joey has worked with the City of Harahan and other civic leaders to coordinate the Harahan Music Festival and Food Drive, in which admission was food for St. Rita’s pantry.  In three years, the festival has collected thousands of food items.

Thanks to Joey’s efforts, homebound neighbors often receive groceries and families facing hardship are treated to Christmas gifts.

His hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, as he’s been featured twice in our local news publication.

This long-time Vincentian is an inspiration to all servant leaders; recruiting membership in the best way possible: by doing the work that needs to be done.

Join us as well celebrate Joey on June 21st


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