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A Joyous Recap of Our Feast Day Celebration

Joining in the celebration were several Daughters of Charity as well as members of the Ladies of Charity, the Vincentian Lay Ministers, and several of our Lay Collaborators who allow us to serve with them and for them; not to mention so many of you, our members of the Society.

We were graced with a large contingency of all of you including Vincentians, and (mini-Vinny’s) from St. Angela Merici Parish. We also wish to give a special shout out to the Vincentian LayMinisters who provided a lovely reception to end our celebration.

The Celebration of this Feast was not only about Praying together, but also about Service in

keeping with the Tenets of our Society. How fun was it to see all the donations that came in on Sunday and filled our new Thrift Shop Truck! And how fun was it to empty all the boxes and bags and put the items on tables ala “Walmart” so we could shop for Ozanam Inn, DePaul USA,

Hotel Hope and Rebuild/Harry Thompson Center, and we added the Travelers Aid Society

because your gifts were so abundant. The volunteers who joined us at the Central Office on

Monday morning did a yeoman’s job in carrying all the items both in and out of the Center as well as filling baskets, bags, and boxes to go to the four organizations. They were joined by volunteers for Ozanam Inn, Rebuild and the Harry Thompson Center, DePaul USA and others which added to the joy of seeing carloads of items being transported to our colleagues and friends at the four organizations.

On a personal note, I would like to express my deep appreciation to our Society Staff and all of you for your love and support during my recent illness. It can on as a shock and put me on the side-line and away from New Orleans. It only showed me the strength of our Society and how we must always be united in Serving those who need us most.

~Sr. Catherine Kelly, DC

Council Spiritual Advisor,

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, New Olreans


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