Society of St. Vincent de Paul of New Orleans

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Request a Receipt?

Please send an itemized list and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
P.O. Box 792880
New Orleans, LA 70179-2880

Who do I contact?
To donate furniture, please call the Thrift Store directly at 504-340-3119.  To make monetary donations, click on the donate prompt (above) or mail a (check or money order) to our Post Office Box.

To donate pharmacy supplies or medicines, please contact the community pharmacy at 504-940-5031, ext. 17 or ext. 18

Do you accept Mattresses or Box Springs?
Due to our Insurance Carrier we are unable to accept mattresses and/or box springs.
Thank you for your support!


There are many ways you can give: 

  • Become a Vincentian
  • Volunteering
  • Monetary Donations
  • Bundle Sundays
  • Clothing Donations
  • Furniture Donations
  • Planned Giving/Estate Planning
  • School Suply Donation (Donating to the Adult Learning Center)
  • Vehicle Donation 

Becoming a Vincentian: 
Vincentians make up the backbone of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Since the early 1800's these volunteers - Catholic lay people - have been helping the needy.  Through meetings, fundraising and direct assistance, you can help your neighbor. It is truly a wonderful experience helping another person.  Please call 504-940-5031 ext 10 and join us to help the needy within the New Orleans Archdiocese. 

Monetary Donations: 
Any contribution, large or small, means we are able to help the needy in this community. Please make a tax deductible contribution, and help us help people. 

You may choose one of the following: 

  • One-time gift 
  • Weekly or monthly donation

Please send your monetary donations to: 
Society of St Vincent de Paul New Orleans
P.O. Box 792880
New Orleans, LA 70179-2880

Clothing Donations: 
We will gladly accept clean, usable clothes. Please drop them at Thrift Store, located at 4034 4th St. in Marrero, La 

Furniture Donations:
Furniture needs to be clean, usable and in good repair, this means no rips, stains, broken legs, etc.

Planned Giving/Estate Planning: 
What a legacy - giving to the needy of your community. A gift to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul means we can continue to help those less fortunate, in your memory. 
To learn more about establishing a planned gift to St. Vincent de Paul, please call Deacon Rudy Rayfield at: 504-940-5031 ext 10.
To fully understand any tax benefits and/or legal issues in planned giving consult your attorney and/or accountant.

School Suply Donation (Donating to the Adult Learning Center):
Thank you for your generous support of the Adult Learning Center.  The following items are needed:

  • 3-ring note book paper/spiral notebooks
  • Copy paper
  • A “quiet” electric pencil sharpener
  • Dry erase markers and white board cleaner
  • Money for new textbooks
  • Hygiene Supplies
  • Paper towels
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Kleenex
  • Toilet tissue

Vehicle donations

For Vehicle donations, please visit:​​